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A Day of Homework, Sleep, and Anxiety

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

A day in the life of the weeniest solo traveler in the world
kawasaki, tokyo japan at night
Kawasaki, Japan

My first day alone in Japan.

What did I do?

Go out for a delicious breakfast?

Hitch my bag over my shoulder and explore Tokyo?

Hop on a train with no set destination and go where the adventure takes me?

No. No. No. And Nope.

Stay in my hotel room for the entire day writing a final paper, falling asleep intermittently and not leaving the room even to eat? ding! ding! ding!

That's right. The first day of my life-changing trip was spent inside a hotel room. I kept telling myself that my homework was the reason. "If I didn't have to write a final paper for school right now, then I'd be out adventuring for sure!"... But when it came to 8pm and I finally submitted my last bit of homework for the semester, what was my excuse then?

I was starving and I hadn't eaten the entire day, the only sustenance in my room was the water bottle I'd bought from the vending machine in the hallway.

I knew from my first trip to Japan that my favorite ramen shop, Ichiran Ramen, was just a 15 minute walk from my hotel. But why couldn't I seem to leave my room? "It must be the jet lag, I'm too tired to go out right now." Sure, Hannah...that's why you can't leave the room.

After debating for a while whether or not I should leave my room, I opted to take a long shower and go to bed. And after a couple hours longingly gazing out the window at the street below and of trying to make sense of late-night Japanese television...I fell asleep.

There you have it: a day in the life of the weeniest solo traveler in the world.


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